How To Invest H+

Looking for a ‘saving’ type of investment?

H+ is what you need!

H+ is an online saving account designed exclusively for investors.

With H+, you can start with just USD100.

Investors can earn up to a daily profit of 0.15% on their savings with H+.

Maximum Saving

Daily Compound Interest %

Profit in 30 Days



No limit

Up to 0.15%

Up to 4.60%

Withdraw anytime

How much return will you earn if you invest USD 50,000 with a daily compound interest rate of 0.15%?

Annual Return

70.81% | USD 85,404.65

How to Start?


Deposit money into Main Wallet


Transfer money to H+


Yield and earn!


Reach Out to Us

If you require assistance or have specific inquiries, our team is readily available. Contact us through the following channels:

Email Address

[email protected]

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