How To Invest Hap2py

Getting Started with Hap2py

Starting your investment journey with Hap2py is effortless. In three simple steps, you can start your journey to earning substantial returns.



Share your personal information and provide identification for a secure and confidential registration process.



Deposit your capital into your Main Wallet, a secure and transparent account for your financial resources.


Initiating Earnings

Select your investment plan and begin experiencing returns, supported by the safeguard of our Buyback Guarantee.

Enjoy Risk-Free Investment with Insurance!

Receive full refund of your capital in case of investment downfall!

RankTenure PeriodInvestment ValueReturn RateInsurance Fee


30 DaysUSD 1,000 – USD 3,0008%


90 DaysUSD 5,000 – USD 35,00023%
180 DaysUSD 50,000 ~ USD 100,00034%
365 DaysUSD 110,000 – USD 200,00037%


30 DaysUSD 1,000 – USD 3,00012%


90 DaysUSD 5,000 – USD 35,00027%
180 DaysUSD 50,000 ~ USD 100,00038%
365 DaysUSD 110,000 – USD 200,00041%


30 DaysUSD 1,000 – USD 3,00016%

Not Applicable

90 DaysUSD 5,000 – USD 35,00031%
180 DaysUSD 50,000 ~ USD 100,00042%
365 DaysUSD 110,000 – USD 200,00045%

Didn’t opt for insurance or invested in Rank C? You are still eligible for our Buyback Guarantee, which protects your principal up to 80%!
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Unlock confidence in your investments with Hap2py

Experience the freedom to invest with confidence

Investment Securities

Your investments are secured through robust measures, providing a protective shield against unforeseen market fluctuations.

Capital Refund Guarantee

Hap2py assures full capital refund in investment downturns, surpassing traditional safety nets.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your financial future is protected.

Transparent Insurance Terms

We prioritize transparency—clear insurance terms for your comprehensive understanding

How are the investments projects being ranked?

Rank A

It has succeeded 5 times or more. Has lower returns with the highest success rate.

Rank B

It has succeeded 2 to 4 times. Has medium returns with average success rate.

Rank C

It is still new. It has the highest returns and lower success rate. Not insured by Corp Insure.

Can't buy insurance for Rank C Investment? Hap2py provides Buyback Guarantee!


Applicable for Rank A,B & C


Protect up to 80% of your principal


Reach Out to Us

If you require assistance or have specific inquiries, our team is readily available. Contact us through the following channels:

Email Address

[email protected]

Embrace the transformative potential of financial growth and social contribution with Hap2py. Our platform adheres to rigorous regulatory standards and provides a secure environment for your financial endeavors. We are dedicated to helping you attain your financial goals while making a lasting impact on society.