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Why should you invest through Hap2py?

If you are seeking a distinctive and potentially profitable investment opportunity, consider Hap2py. Through Hap2py, investors can contribute capital for investment and earn their principal plus profit. The noteworthy aspect of investing through Hap2py is the potential returns. Indeed, earn up to 8% per month on your investment.

For those aiming to generate additional income and diversify portfolios while enjoying an intuitive and pleasant platform experience, Hap2py is your ideal choice.


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Why settle for mediocre returns when you can earn superior returns with us and enjoy a brighter financial future?

Embark on your investment journey towards greater returns!

About Hap2py

Hap2py is redefining the financial landscape by aligning wealth creation with social impact.

Our mission is to facilitate financial growth while contributing to the betterment of society. Here’s how we do it:

Purposeful Allocation
When you choose Hap2py, your funds are allocated with precision, directed towards genuinely deserving individuals, verified meticulously to prevent misuse.

Social Commitment
A portion of our earnings is dedicated to charitable causes and community events, making a meaningful difference.

Principal Security
Your initial investment is fortified by our Buyback Guarantee, ensuring full compensation in the rare instance of an underperforming investment.

Join us to make a meaningful impact while achieving your financial goals!




Total Value of Investment Plan Listed

up to 8%

Average Monthly Returns


Total Invested Value

Why Choose Us

Why Hap2py?

Earn with purpose

At Hap2py, your earnings drive positive societal change. By joining Hap2py, you assist those in need while protecting your capital through a rigorous verification process.

Buyback Guarantee

Ensuring the safety of your capital is paramount. Our plans include a buyback guarantee, mitigating capital insecurities. So you can be sure that you will not lose your principal. If an adverse situation arises.

Higher Returns

Unlock exclusive investment prospects with Hap2py, offering historically higher returns compared to traditional assets. Our average monthly returns exceed 8%.

Simple Registration

Join in minutes with our fast, free, and confidential registration process. We value your privacy, and your information is never shared.

Licensed & Secure

Invest with confidence in our UK and internationally licensed platform. Stringent selection processes and our Buyback Guarantee protect your investments.

About Insurance

At Hap2py, we prioritize the security of your investments. Through our partnership with Corp Insure, investors are guaranteed full compensation in the unfortunate event of an investment failure. This commitment to investment securities ensures peace of mind, allowing you to invest with confidence and protection. 

About Buyback Guarantee

For investors who choose not to opt for insurance, Hap2py offers a robust Buyback Guarantee. This safeguard protects up to 80% of your principal by allowing Hap2py to repurchase your investment. 

H+ Wallet

A fixed deposit, but better! 

A fully automated savings-focused investment that helps you earn up to 0.15% daily compound interest

A portion of the profits is used for charitable donations and events to assist those in need.
Don’t worry, we pay this out of our pockets!

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Investing Plan

Experience Superior Returns! Hap2py offers a safer, simpler, and faster alternative.

ID Age Occupation Amount (THB) Tenure Period Returns (THB)
QC-0492838 36 merchant 170,000.00 365 days 229,530.00 Invest
EL-0492833 45 professor 46,000.00 90 days 58,910.00 Invest
GL-0492827 50 merchant 150,000.00 365 days 208,530.00 Invest
JL-0492826 50 beautician 60,000.00 180 days 79,230.00 Invest
EL-0492823 50 store manager 45,000.00 90 days 55,830.00 Invest
QC-0492822 38 merchant 160,000.00 365 days 216,030.00 Invest
LC-0492820 42 mechanic 1,000.00 30 days 1,110.00 Invest
LC-0492813 36 salesman 1,000.00 30 days 1,150.00 Invest

Your Premier Financial Partner

Since 2019, Hap2py has played a significant role in connecting investors with carefully selected opportunities worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, we’ve expanded our footprint to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Romania, Estonia, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Israel, Finland, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When questions arise, answers are essential. Explore our FAQ section for comprehensive information about Hap2py, our operational model, and essential insights. If your query remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance.

Success Stories

Donald Tan
Read More
Hap2py has truly transformed my approach to investing. The user-friendly platform, coupled with their dedication to security, made me feel confident from the start. The diversified investment plans allowed me to tailor my portfolio, and the Buyback Guarantee provided an extra layer of reassurance. Hap2py is a reliable partner for anyone serious about their financial goals.
Syamantak Dharma
Read More
I've been a part of the Hap2py community since its launch, and it's been a rewarding journey. The consistent monthly returns, coupled with their commitment to social and environmental causes, make Hap2py stand out in the crowded investment space. It's not just about growing wealth; it's about investing with purpose, and Hap2py delivers on that promise.
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Investing and profit withdrawal is very straight forward through the website. It's also very easy to get assistance if you need any guidance. Overall, highly satisfied using this service.they have a great team support like Mr Jimmy for guidance.
Rajkumar Singaraju
Read More
I have been with Hap2py since Nov 2022. Initially being skeptical but now it has been almost 7 months + with only awesome experience. I have been investing and receiving my profits on time. Withdrawal has been smooth. Based on my experience so far, it's highly recommended. My personal thanks to Desmond who has been available for me all the time. Never try, never know, so give it a try with the amount you are comfortable to invest. Together we go beyond! Cheers
Read More
Choosing Hap2py was a game-changer for me. The platform's transparency and commitment to purposeful investing align perfectly with my values. Not only have I seen impressive returns, but I also feel good knowing that my investments contribute to positive societal changes. Hap2py is my go-to financial ally.



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If you require assistance or have specific inquiries, our team is readily available. Contact us through the following channels:

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[email protected]

Embrace the transformative potential of financial growth and social contribution with Hap2py. Our platform adheres to rigorous regulatory standards and provides a secure environment for your financial endeavors. We are dedicated to helping you attain your financial goals while making a lasting impact on society.

We Ensure The Security Of Your investment

Rest assured, your investment with Hap2py is protected through coverage from Corp Insure, offering our investors a reliable insurance shield that secures their capital in challenging market situations.  For more information about the insurance, please contact our personal advisor at [email protected]